Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Hey All,

The past few days, I've been doing alot of thinking about Mexico. The Lord seems to be leading me to do a semester of school at the local college to get a jump start at maybe getting a degree in Spanish after language school. As it's looking right now, I'm postponing language school until January 2011. It also makes sense because I will save about $800 on an extra plane ticket home for Christmas. I would stay from Jauary to August if the Lord provides for me for that whole time. Please be praying that I will obey what the Lord wants me to do and not just what I want. So many things go through my head about my future. You see, I love being in control of what happens to me... The thing is, I'm NOT! GOD is. I read a quote once that made me smile: If Jesus is your copilot, switch seats! Jesus needs to be the pilot of my life. He should be the one in the driver seat. And He is, I just don't always treat Him like He is.

In other news, I am recovering from the stomach flu right now. I only got sick once thankfully and was able to go to work today but I'm still weak and not completely normal. (My family and friends would ask if I'm ever normal :P) Now my mom and 2 sisters are pretty sick. Please pray for their quick healing and that my brother won't get sick. My dad was also sick last night but he's on the mend as well praise God! I also had to get a work physical and TB test today, just making my day that much more wonderful. (Not). BUT I'm healthy besides the flu and do not have TB so that's good. There's a silver lining in every cloud or however that expression says...

The picture that is going to make this post is one of me and my apple pie, Miguel. Yes, I named him. He was my first good attempt at a homemade pie and I was so excited. My family raved about him, too. Please don't think me weird or a gal with cannabalistic tendencies 'cause that's NOT TRUE!!!! I just thought it'd be fun to name him so I did. I don't know anyone named Miguel either so it's not like I was naming the pie after an enemy or anything.... Anyhoo! I think I should just keep my mouth shut :) There's a Spanish proverb I'm trying to learn that says "En boca cerrada no entran moscas." (Flies do not enter a closed mouth. In other words, silence is golden.) I am forever putting my foot in my mouth. Sometimes I say the most awkward things! But my family and friends forgive me and I hope you all do too if you read something of mine that just makes your mouth drop open. :)

Espero que tengas un buen noche. Dios te bendiga mucho hoy. Cuidate hermanos!!!


  1. Just always keep your plans flexible, believe me I had no idea Id end up where I am today but it was in Gods plan and to be honest as much as I would have never guessed it Gods plans will not be changed as long as your heart is open to him. I read a verse today during my study that applies here. Its Job 4:2 I know that you can do all things; no plan of yours can be thwarted.
    Love the pie makes me want one.

  2. Oh my goodness! We are soo alike in a lot of ways! I even had the stomach flu this week at the same time as you..weird!
    I have the temptation to only allow God that copilot position when it comes to my future, sometimes. I think that quote is cute, but also convicting.
    It's funny that you mentioned that you named your pie..I name things ALL the time! I've named my violin and bow, I regularly name all sorts of weird things, such as my ceiling(my older brother thinks this is extremely weird, when I come to him asking him to kill the bug on Cecelia, referring to my ceiling!). I'm starting to graduate to the Spanish level of naming, and I personally think Miguel abosolutely suits that pie perfectly!
    God bless!

  3. Yes Amanda, SO true! And God changes our wants and desires. I mean, I was set on going to Papua New Guinea as a missionary nurse for half my life, then in 1 summer, God changed my focus and direction. Crazy, but it happened! The verse is really good. Thanks for sharing. I wish I could bake you a pie. Apples are a staple here in Western NY. Not sure if they are as much in Mexico... But when I come down, I will try to bake you one :P

    AHHHH!!!! How exciting to have "met" you girl! We found out that it wasn't the stomach flu, it was food poisoning. We had comida Mexicana a el estudio biblico el viernes pasado and the queso was not the best for our feeble American stomachs. 15 of the around 25 people got sick. None of our amigos did though. Their stomachs must be made of steel! But we're all over it now or in the process of getting over it so... I'm just hoping if I get sick on Mexican food, it's BEFORE Guadalajara because that'd be no fun! It's good to try to build up immunity or something.
    I love naming things. I hadn't thought about naming the ceiling though. You have given me an idea... I'll let you know what I decide.
    The pie was really yummy! I want to keep experimenting with it and making it better. We shall see.
    Thanks for reading my blog, ladies. You are a real encouragement to me! Cuidate hermanas!