Saturday, June 19, 2010

3 weeks!!!

Hey All!

I am sorry for dropping off the face of the earth these past weeks. Life has been crazy and I haven't made the time to write on here.

My team and I leave for Chiapas, Mexico 3 weeks from today! That's amazing! Time just flies by. God provided a girl to fly with me to meet the rest of the team in Houston. There are 11 of us going. 4 guys and 7 girls. I'm praying that the Lord will bless this trip and use each one of us for His glory.

As with the Papua New Guinea trip last summer, I am confused and antsy and wanting to leave but afraid to for fear of the unknown. Going into the PNG trip I had 3 fears: Getting lost in Atlanta airport, crashing and burning and dying, and snakes. Those fears all seem silly now (except the snakes) but I have new fears. What if God tells me I won't be going back to Mexico? What if I don't get along with my team and there's alot of tension? What if something horrible happens wile I'm gone at home like last summer when my grandma got cancer and died? What if I come home just as confused as I was when I came home last year? What if all my expectations are crashed? My God is bigger than any of these fears. But what if I don't trust Him like I should? AURGH!!! All these fears could overwhelm me so easily. God has been reminding me to cling to Him during this confusing time. I so easily take my eyes off my Savior like Peter did when he walked on water. He took his eyes off of Jesus onto the waves around him and began to sink. Help me not to do that, Lord!

Despite what this post sounds like, I am extremely excited going into this trip. Please pray for me and my team and the people we will come in contact with.

For this post's picture, here's one of me and my siblings at an amusement park near our house. We went a few weeks ago with a friend and had a blast. I even got a nice tan :P I will miss my sister Katy's 20 birthday so I'm trying to find out which phone works best in Chiapas. Any ideas? I hear AT&T works best so I'm thinking of getting a GO phone prepaid for the 3 weeks I'll be gone. Hopefully I'll be able to call her on her birthday. She'll have a great party, hopefully better than last year when my parents were in Colorado with my grandma and I was in Colorado. Praising my Savior for my family. I love them.

Ok, cuidate y Dios los bendiga!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tickets are Booked!

Hey All!

My tickets are booked for Mexico! I fly out the 10th of July and come back August 1st. God has provided a girl who lives about an hour away to fly with me. That's a relief because I really didn't want to fly alone. Now I am starting to make contact with the other teammates. There are 9 people going. 3 guys and 6 girls. I am SO excited to see how God works. Please be praying for me and my team. I have been praying that the Lord will be glorified and that He will show me what the next step is.

I've been praying about applying to bible school. Actually, it's a missionary training school in TX. I'm not applying until after the trip though. God has provided a waitressing job for me as well when I get back so I can start saving money for school. We shall see what God has.

Tuesday, a friend graduated from high school so to celebrate, yesterday my sister Katy and I went with him to the park and took lots of crazy pictures and ate pizza and chicken wings. Yum! I'm so blessed to have the friends I have.

A gorgeous view of a very romantic spot. We all agree that it's the perfect marriage proposal spot :)

Me and my sister Katy Dee. She's the best older sister I have. Even though I don't always act like it, I love her dearly.

Andrew and me being goofy as usual :) I'm so thankful for a friend like him. He really challenges me in my walk with the Lord.

Katy and Andrew. Um guys, I think those are supposed to be used to look out at the gorge....

Me, Andrew, and Katy. We were at a place called Inspiration Point. Do we look inspired? :)