Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy March!

Hey All!

Happy March! I can feel spring in the air I think. Nothing really exciting has been happening for Mexico lately but I wanted to post anyway. I'm anxiously waiting for my dictionary to come. I looked at my friend's and it's amazing! So many words and phrases and how things work grammatically. It's a tremendous resource for sure! Right now, I only have a teeny dictionary that is somewhat helpful, but this one will be an amazing tool.

I haven't heard from the language school in Guadalajara yet. I mailed my application in about 3 weeks ago but the director said mail is slow in Mexico so I'm not worried. It's weird to think that at this time next year, I could be in Mexico. I don't think missing a NY winter would bother me too much! We'll see where the Lord has me a year from now.

As I promised, I am including pictures and a little story with every post to give it some jazz. One day, we brought our two horses down and Bethany, Jairo, and Kristy came and rode. We had a blast. Our horses were really good which is amazing! Here's Jairo and Jenny showing him how to hold the reins. He had ridden a little bit before but not for long and never trotting. He had alot of fun. My brother Danny and he did some wrangling too. This is Danny fixing Kristy's stir ups. She's riding Mack and Traveler is on the right. Our horses are so funny and fun! Bethany also rode but we didn't get any proof on camera. While we were waiting our turn for riding, my sisters and I showed Bethany and Jairo our tree fort. Katy climbed up in it and told Bethany and me to look up. I love these people. We have made many good memories together and Lord willing, will make many more! It's amazing to think how God works in our lives at just the right time to bring people together. I'm so thankful to the Lord for my friends. Family, too. Sometimes I just marvel at why the Lord has placed me where I am. Why was I not born in the remote jungles of Papua New Guinea? Why was I given wonderful godly parents who raised me using the Word? Why have I been given the opportunity to hear God's Word in my language from the time I was a newborn? It's so easy for me to get stuck on certain issues. The fact is, I am where I am, when I am for a purpose. God knows exactly what He has for me and I need to trust in Him for my future.

Thank you all for "listening" to the ramblings of a crazy gringa. I hope you all have a wonderful day. Look to the Lord! Oh-- I want to start including Scriptures, too. Here's one I just recently rediscovered from Psalm 34:8. "Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good; BLESSED is the man who TRUSTS IN HIM." Dios te bendiga!

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