Saturday, February 27, 2010

Paul Washer Sermon

Hey All,

I'm listening to a sermon right now by Paul Washer titled "Jesus Murio Por Nosotros". I'm trying to listen to more Spanish so I can be able to understand more quickly. I would like to be able to understand more Spanish than I do now before I go to Guadalajara because I like to be able to understand people. In Guadalajara, I will be attending a Spanish speaking church. This will be a huge adjustment for me. I think going to church will be "hard work" for awhile but God's word will not return void even if it's in a different language. Praise the Lord!

In other news, I bought a complete unabridged Spanish/ English dictionary yesterday and also a book of 501 Spanish verbs with conjugations and meanings. This will be a great tool I have a feeling.

I'm going to try to post a picture every time I write on here for fun. Just a heads up, they will be random fo shizzle! But I hope you all enjoy them too.Here's a picture of me and one of my horses, Traveler West Case. He's my banana nut stud muffin but I just call him muffin for short. My sister Jenny and brother Danny love riding these boys and are becoming quite good at it. Tenemos caballos y los encantamos!

REMINDER/DISCLAIMER: I am in the process of learning español so it will be wrong much of the time. I have been known to make mis amigos jaws drop open when I used a word wrong. Ah, the joys of language learning pero sin practicar, no puedo entender español!

Have an amazing night everyone. Dios te bendiga!


  1. Its ok to be wrong when you speak, and know that when you come here most people are great about working with you, and if they giggle at you its usually all in fun. Keep you attitude light about it as I can tell you will. The other day I was practicing speaking medical stuff and I told my husband he had a leg in his kidney. We got a good laugh and I realized Im not ready to work yet. lol

  2. Haha, wow that's really funny. When I was first starting to practice Spanish, I couldn't remember the word for Thursday and said huevos instead. So it had become a joke among mis amigos that I instead of saying Thursday, we said eggs. But another American pointed out that there are words with double meanings and apparently that's one of them. My amigos didn't tell me because obviously I didn't know that and huevos is the word for eggs. Yeah, that was embarrassing. I've also used embarazada wrong too. "Estoy embarazada" doesn't work :P Thanks for the encouragement!