Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bible Study

Hey All,
So we had bible study last night. There were 3 guys and a family that came. It is a temptation to compare studies and say "Well, ONLY 5 amigos are here tonight" but instead I need to praise the Lord for every man (or lady) who comes. Even if "just" one person came but heard the Gospel, it's worth it. The Lord is blessing study right now. We've gone through some changes that are hard but good. God was not taken by surprise. He knows exactly when, where, and how things should happen. Praise to Him for being omniscient! (Ok, I sound like a pastor's kid. Omniscient means all knowing :P) I would appreciate your prayers for this study. Please pray that God will grow it and ungrow (is that a word?) it as He sees fit and that we will be obedient to His leading.

In other news, I'm beginning to think this language school is just a crazy dream I had and that I really didn't send in my application and check or anything. Again I must remind myself that God's timing isn't mine. Why is it that we as humans think that things have to happen when WE want them to? God is so much better and knows all things and is able to see the whole picture. We can see only snapshots of the real deal. Please be praying that I will have patience. Necesito obtener mucho mas paciencia que yo tengo ahora :P I've been studying Spanish alot and one of mis amigos that I hadn't talked to for awhile said he was surprised at how much Spanish I can understand now so that's encouraging.

Since I promised a picture with every post I decided to do one of my mom Sydney Dee Case. And yes, I'm going to brag about her, too. It's ok I'm pretty sure 'cause she's my mom! She is an amazing mom to me and my three siblings. Mom has instilled in us since the time we were babies the love for reading, imaginary games, stars, fireflies, and most importantly,a love and appreciation for our Lord Jesus Christ. She and I are very alike in our temperaments. We both hate to show emotion. Well, it's not that we HATE it, we just don't all the time. My mom got saved in June 2002 after having been married to a pastor for years but had never made that decision to trust Christ as her Savior. My siblings and I were pretty young at the time but we all saw a difference in her. She never cried before she got saved and after she did, she definitely was given a heart of flesh (Ezequiel 36:26). I remember one time in church soon after she got saved, we were singing "Power of Your Love" and I remember looking back at Mom and tears were streaming down her face. That surprised me because Mom NEVER cried! But the Lord has given her a more tender heart and I'm so thankful for her. (Mom loves this picture of her and me because we look so much alike. Our profiles are virtually the same.) I'm not saying my mom is perfect because she's not. And my relationship with her is not perfect but I love her dearly and wouldn't trade her in for all the other mamas in the world! Thank you Jesus for giving me my mom. We were talking the other day about Mother's Day. Her mom died this past October so she doesn't have a mom anymore. It just made me appreciate her more. Anyhoo, I'm rambling now but I just want to get the point across that my mom rocks! I love her incredibly much but need to figure out ways to show it to her more...

Have an amazingly blessed night all you people. God bless you mucho much this day and night and the next day and night and ect. Cuidate!


  1. Wow I hope your mom read this Im sure it would bless her.

  2. I sent her a link to it. I hope it did 'cause it was all true! We don't have a perfect relationship but I know she loves me and wants what's best for me. Even when we disagree I know she loves me.