Friday, March 5, 2010


Hey All!

I've been doing alot of thinking and praying the past couple of days. Two opportunities have come up for my education. I am planning to go to Guadalajara this year to the Harvest Language Center. I'm not sure how long I'll be there. An 18 month LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) program close to my house. That starts in January 2011. So for right now, I'm confused about what direction to take. To go to Mexico for 3 1/2 months then come home for the nursing program or to go to Mexico for all 4 sessions (there are 4 total) then come home to start raising support for Bible school. Decisions, decisions, decisions... Please be praying that I will listen to the Lord's will and what He wants for my life. Not what I want.

These pictures are at the farm where my friends Bethany and Rudy work. I decided to visit them one Saturday and brought hot drinks for them and the other amigos working (Yeah, I know I'm a gem! :P)Bethany and Rudy got me all dressed up in farm clothes and I went to work. I also rode a heifer named Shredder. It was so much fun! Here's me before we got to work, posing for a picture. I borrowed one of Bethany's hats. I think some of the amigos couldn't take me seriously with that hat on. I can't imagine why... Then I met the cow that I was going to ride. She wasn't very cooperative at first but I wrangled her and wrestled her to the ground and hopped on her! ('K, not really...) But I did pet her and spoke loving words to her before getting on her. Bethany and Rudy herded her out by a gate and I quick jumped on. I have horses that I do this to all the time so no biggy! It is harder than you'd think when you have 30 pounds of extra clothes on. Ok, that may be a SLIGHT exaggeration but still, it was alot! After I got on Shredder, I kicked her to get her moving and Rudy freaked out. It was hysterical. He thought I was going to fall off or something. But I bareback ride my "wild" pony all the time so I can stay on pretty good as long as she doesn't buck. I did freak out a little when the bull decided to check out what we were up to. Anyone who lives in the country knows what bulls can do. Bethany assured me this one wouldn't hurt me. I wasn't totally convinced and kept looking to see where he was. But it was fine. I finally posed for a good picture to remember the afternoon by and jumped down. Cow riding is a blast! Although I do prefer to ride my muffins (horses) because they smell better and are more graceful. But if horses aren't available, cows will do just fine. I don't recommend hopping on a bull though. That could get messy... Thanks to Bethany and Rudy for a fun afternoon! I don't think farm life is for me but it's fun to visit once in awhile.

I hope you all have an amazing day! I was reading in Mark today for devotions about the father whose son had a mute demon. When Jesus asked if he believed He could heal his son, he said "Lord I believe. HELP MY UNBELIEF". May that be my prayer as I seek to do what the Lord wants. He is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask OR THINK. Dios te bendiga!

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