Monday, December 6, 2010

Agua Azul

Hey All!

I am slowly posting more pictures of the trip and this post's story is about Agua Azul. Agua Azul is some gorgeous waterfalls in Chiapas. The water is stunningly blue. Our team got to visit it on our way back to San Cristobal from Ch'ol. We had just spent a week in the hot, sticky jungle with limited showers and no A/C. Needless to say, a resfrshing dip in the waters of Agua Azul was very looked forward to and appreciated.

Our team at Agua Azul. We took every opportunity to pose for team pictuers that we could :)

A waterfall. The water while we were there wasn't as blue as it usually is due to all the rain that came down for weeks. But it was still beautiful and very cool and refreshing.

Nathan taught us how to swim in the rapids and this is the team standing on "our" rock right in the middle of the river. I only swam it once then laid on the beach and tanned with my friend Gabby but everyone else had a blast swimming for awhile.

Apparently my team leader, Christopher and Nathan thought that Gabby and I should go back into the river so while we were laying out tanning, they came up from behind and threw us back in. I had just gotten all dried off, too! Stinkin' men :)

Here we are in the river. It was cold! We dried off quickly though 'cause it was very hot. Good times were had fo shizzle!

The whole team after our refreshing swim. Fue muy divertido! (It was very fun!)

There were so many aspects of our trip that makes me smile in remembering. I don't think I day goes by when I don't think of Chiapas and my team and my Mexican family in Llano Grande. It was a wonderful time and I'm just in awe that the Lord worked it all out. Lasting friendships were made for sure. Gloria a Dios!

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