Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Hey All,

In keeping with the "theme" of posting random topics of Chiapas, this post's topic is Palenque. Palenque is a historic site in Chiapas. It was a Maya city state and dates back to 100 BC 'til its fall in 800 AD. (Information from Wikipedia).

I had never been to a place that was so old. Talk about history! That place is chock full of stories! I wish the rocks could tell all the things they saw over the years. Before we visited Palenque, the oldest place I'd been to probably was from the 1700s. That's cool but this was just amazing.

Our group in front of one of the pyramids. They are SO big!!!

Isn't there an unwritten rule that when you're at some ancient pyramids, you have to make a pyramid yourselves? Well, ours was an epic fail. A split second after this picture was taken, we all came tumbling down...

With Katie, Stephanie and Gabby on one of the pyramids.

Hannah taking her anger out on Pete. Watch out! :)

It is incredibly hot at Palenque and humid, too. The Mayans must have been in great shape for all the climbing up and down those stairs they did! Gabby and I raced each other up the stairs of the highest one and at the top I knew if I didn't sit down, I would pass out right there. I found a place in the shade and hugged my knees to my chest as waves of nausea and faintness passed over me. I was sure I was going to get sick but praise the Lord I didn't throw up or pass out. Word to the wise: ALWAYS bring water or gatorade with you to Palenque. Going a whole afternoon without liquid is a very dumb thing to do in the heat :)

All in all, our experience at Palenque was an enjoyable one. If only the rocks could talk! What stories we could hear from them! We enjoyed exploring the pyramids and just marveling at the whole site. Talk about history!!!!!

I am very much looking forward to heading back to Chiapas and maybe even returning to Palenque for a day. Please continue praying for me and the team that is headed down there in 3 short months. There is so much to do and so little time but the Lord is faithful. He is providing for me and will continue to. Of this, I am sure. Blessings to you all. I will keep you updated on any news concerning the trip!

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