Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Hazards of Eating in the Jungle....

Hey All,

I wanted to post one other picture dealing with food. This is some sopa (soup) that some ladies made for us while staying in one of the villages. Although we as a team brought all our own food except tortillas, which we bought at the tortillerias (sp?) in town, the ladies usually gave us food or something to drink while we were there. At this particular village, the family we stayed with decided to make us a real treat, chicken soup. In Mexico, the chicken does not come prepackaged and nicely prepared. First, the women picked a chicken and stuffed her under a basket. Then when they were ready for her, they picked her up and broke her neck then plucked her. (I was not around for any of this because, while I LOVE meat, I do not revel in seeing animals die.) Then they chopped the chicken up and put the pieces in water with veggies from the jungle. The picture below is the end result:

One of my team mates even got the head in their portioin :D A few of us were feeling pretty sick that day and eating this soup did not help. It actually tasted ok but you just had to close your eyes. Portions in Mexico must be huge or something because I could never finish what was put before me! Although I'm not a huge eater anyway.

Ok, I just though you all would enjoy seeing that picture. That was the most interesting food I ate while abroad, hands down!

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  1. Holy cow girl, Im so far behind things have been so busy for us lately and I had no idea you were already here. Sounds like your taking things like a real trooper. And yes they eat every part of every animal here. Good luck with that. lol