Thursday, November 18, 2010


Ok People,

How could I have not posted since August!?!? That's horrible. Sí, estoy viviendo (yes, I am living). I've been working ALOT at my job as a waitress and am enjoying it. I get to see many people a day and also make money which is always a plus.

Things have been happening since Chiapas. As alot of you will gather from reading my blog, I am very back and forth about mission opportunities. I came home from Chiapas fully expecting to go back for language school this January - March but the Lord had other plans. I was accepted on the team but did not feel a peace about going for 5 weeks. It's like the Lord told me to wait for a more long term opportunity. My family is going to Key West, FL this Christmas break for 2 weeks on an evangelistic outreach trip. It was either this trip or language school and I really felt I should go with my family.

When I got home from Chiapas, I contacted a mission board about the requirements for going with them. They said I need a year of bible training so right now I'm looking into options. I found a really cool school that's in England and me being who I am (a traveler/girl who wants to live her adventure) I thought "Wow! How cool would it be to spend a year in England!?!?" Then doing more research of other schools, I found Moody Bible Institute does online courses and they accept financial aid. So I've started the application process and we'll see where the Lord takes it from there. I committed to a year at my job and while I'm waiting, it'd be cool to get some bible classes out of the way.

This past week I said goodbye to a very dear amigo, Rudy who went home to Mexico. His leaving made me ache for Chiapas and all the friends and my Mexican family that I left there. I contacted the missionary, Nathan, who lives there about coming back for more language training and hopefully working at the children's home. My goal is to learn as much SPanish as possible. We'll see what the Lord does. I'm praying about returning next August. It seems like such a long way off! I hope and pray the Lord will bring me back to Chiapas one day.

Ok, some pictures because I haven't uploaded many...

Me with some kids on the street in one of the villages we did a kid's program in. I LOVE those kids!

My Mexican family. I love those people so much. They welcomed me and accepted me as a daughter.

On our way back to San Cris from the jungle, we took a boat ride through a canyon. Wow! It was breathtakingly gorgeous!

Our team got to do several sight seeing trips. The best one was to Palenque, some Mayan ruins. It was incredibly hot that day and I stupidly did not take any water. So that coupled with climbing rapidly to the top of one very high pyramid made me literally almost pass out. If you look closely in the picture, I look very peaked. I was sitting in that spot for about 20 minutes fighting nausea and dizziness. The team surrounded me for the picture. :D

Ok, there are a few more of the thousands of pictures our team took on our trip. I will try to post more at random intervals :D Thanks so much each of you for praying for me. Please pray that I will wait on the Lord and that I will be open to what He wants me to do, even if it's not what I want. Because His ways are so much higher than our ways. Dios les bendiga! (God bless you all.)

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