Friday, November 26, 2010

Food in Chiapas

Hey All,

I thought I'd do a post on the yummy food I ate in Chiapas. There was a wide variety and many different flavors, to be sure!

About half the time, we ate at the Terrells' house. Julie is a champion. She made all good American food and every meal was amazing. This is in the Terrell's kitchen. They have a very beautiful home.

When we were in San Cristobal, we ate out frequently and went to quite a few restaraunts. This one is called the Gardens. It cost 220 pesos for the buffet which is about $20 USD. It was the most expensive meal we ate in Chiapas.

This is a typical taco restaraunt downtown. The meat is pork and the guy making the quesadillas and other dishes would slice it all the way from the top which has cheese on it then serve it. The tortillas were made at the restaraunt to the right. It was good.

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  1. Yummy!! Oh wow, my mouth is watering!
    Your new blog look is absolutely *adorable* and sooooooo cute!! I love the turquoise, green, and chocolate brown refreshing and bold :)