Thursday, March 3, 2011


Hey All,
I've been thinking today about my journey and how the Lord has brought me to where I am today. There are so many things He's still working on in my heart and life but He has been helping me to conquer certain things in my life.

When I went to Papua New Guinea, I had 3 big fears:

1) Getting lost in Atlanta airport as I had never flown before. The Lord provided a travling companion and we got through the airport ok though, Praise the Lord.

2) Flying. Well, more specifically, falling out of the sky and crashing and dying. But the Lord got me over that fear too. Actually, flying is fun! I like the smaller airplanes because you can feel the bounce around more than on a big plane.

And 3) Snakes. My biggest fear of all time is snakes of any size, shape, color, or kind. I am terrified of pictures of snakes, movies, and snakes in cages. But especially in the wild. When I went to PNG, I was so terrified the Lord would trap me in a small space with a snake and make me get over my fear of snakes.

During the month I was at the Interface campus I didn't see any (Praise the Lord)but when we went to the bush, the Lord decided it was time for me to get over my fear. I had to sleep in the same room with a green python in a cage!!!!! At night, I had to listen to him thud onto the floor while I was trying to sleep! By the end of my time there, I decided I was going to hold that stinkin' snake if it killed me! So I did and here's a video of it for proof. Remember, I was two years younger and very sunburned :)

In Chiapas, I only saw two snakes and I knew where they were when I came upon them so that was a blessing. I'm hoping my "luck" won't run out this trip and I'll have a snake-free trip. :)

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