Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Modes of Transportation

Hey All!

Today's post is about transportation in MX. There are so many different ways to get around. Our team used the Yukon and Pathfinder mostly and taxis but also walked. Here are some pictures:

Rachel, me and Steven riding in a combi which is a truck with a tarp over the bed and benches to ride on. Usually, the Mexican people stuff themselves into 'til it's overflowing. Guess there aren't too many traffic laws there :)

The Pathfinder heading up an incredibly steep hill on the way to Llano Grande. If you look close at the road in front of it, there is a scrape. That's from the Yukon, which went up first!

There is an overabundance of punch bugs in San Cris. Our team enthusiastically played the punch on the arm game everytime we saw one, which was every few minutes it seemed.

Passing on jungle roads can be tricky. This is the Yukon and a combi that just barely squeezed past. We were all unconsciously holding our breaths 'til it got past I think.

On the way out of Ch'ol, Nathan asked if anyone wanted to ride on the roof. Chyeah! Eden, Amy K., Jacob, and I had a really good long talk about our dreams up on that roof. One of my fondest memories.

David and Amy K. with Julie. This is somewhat typical of a Mexican car. They don't just stop because there are 5 seatbelts, they will keep cramming people in. Poor David :)

Mountain roads have alot of falling rocks. These were already on the road when we drove by thankfully. Word to the wise: Use caution when driving in the mountains of Chiapas! :)

We did alot of walking to the market in downtown San Cristobal. It felt nice to actually walk and not drive everywhere for once.

Of course no post about transportation would be complete without a picture of a burro :) Contrary to popular stereotypes, not all Mexicans ride burros. There are cars and people do use them regularly. Hard to believe, I know :) We didn't actually ride this guy, just took a picture for everyone to see an authentic burro.

The roads in Mexico are at best like a seasonal highway here in the States. The cities have nicer roads but once you're out in the jungle, they are pretty interesting to drive on sometimes. They were better than the ones in Papua New Guinea however.

I hope you all have an amazing day. Keep seeking after the Lord. Blessing to you all!

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