Friday, February 26, 2010

Mis Pecados

Hey All,

Today has been icky for me. I'm dealing with so much sin! Como se dice? Talvez "demasiado pecado"? No se ahora pero algun dia yo puedo hablar y entender con perfeccion. I have some stuff that I'm confused about and don't know my own feelings let alone try to express them to others. It's frustrating for all involved. If I can't even say what I'm feeling in english then how in the world am I going to do it in Spanish!?! I am very much wanting to understand Spanish perfectly NOW so I can witness to mis amigos that aren't saved here in Estados Unidos but obviously I don't speak it well yet. I use the Bible ALOT when I'm witnessing to these guys but it's frustrating when I can't understand important questions. I keep saying algun dia, algun dia (someday) but what if I never am able to understand the Mexican people? What if I am never able to communicate the Gospel to them? Necesito obtener mucho mas fe que yo tengo ahora. I don't mean to sound depressed or anything but I'm frustrated. Lo siento for this post. Well, I'm not really. I didn't intend to write this but I guess maybe I was supposed to. I am NOT depressed. I feel I need to say that again. Just confused and frustrated pero ni modo!

Here's a picture of me with four of my favorite little chicos en el mundo. Antonio's on the left and is 8, then there's me with Jason who's 2 on my lap, then Cesar is 9 and my sister Katy is holding 5 year old Dominic. These boys have brought me so much joy. They speak perfect english except for Jason who will learn as he gets older. Their parents are wonderful people too. They are so giving and always wanting to help. They don't speak very good english but have been coming to our church for a year now. Such a blessing! We serve an amazing Lord!

I hope you all have a blessed night. And I'm really praying I haven't brought anyone down by writing this post. That is not my intention at all. Dios te bendiga!


  1. You are doing amazing with your Spanish. When you are with those people who speak Spanish and know English ask them to only speak Spanish to you so you hear it more in practical situations. Try to maybe cook a dinner with them in this way. Also something that has helped me a lot is to try to do my own translations of things that I like to do (like cooing, I translate recipes)

    But most importantly and I know you know this your actions and the love in your heart are going to show them who Jesus is way before your words even if you knew every Spanish word in your new dictionary.
    Grace and Peace

  2. Muchisimas gracias, amiga! I will try what you suggest. Alot of my amigos speak very little english but one, Rudiel, speaks amazing english and helps me alot. He also tells me if una frase isn't good to use. My friend has been teaching me slang, like how he and his friends talk, but some of those frases make my other friends get a shocked expression on their faces. So I'm thinkin' slang is not gonna be my top priority for now! The dictionary is gonna be such a blessing I think! I'm really excited. Y exactamente que si no tengo amor por Mexicanos, todas las palabras en mi diccionario no pueden ayudar. (Lo siento for the mistakes!) Have a great day Amanda! Praying for you and your family. Dios te bendiga.