Monday, January 23, 2012

Mexico Pictures

This past summer I had the privilege of spending 6 weeks in Mexico. The first three weeks were pretty much the same as my last trip. We traveled to the jungle two times and spent the rest of the time at the missionaries' house helping with projects. I stayed three extra weeks for language school which proved to be invaluable! I learned so much that I would never have been able to learn in the States. The Lord also blessed me with being able to visit two dear amigos who first inspired me to go to Chiapas.

The team's first week was spent in the jungle. We were high in a mountain region so it wasn't nearly as hot as you might expect with Mexico. We had an interesting mishap on the way to our destination. We weren't even out of San Cristobal when our accident happened. Nathan, the missionary was driving the Yukon around a mountain curve when a tiny car also came whipping around the curve and smashed into our trailer we were pulling. Everyone on our team and our vehicle was fine but the people in the other car were pretty banged up. This unexpected accident delayed our trip an entire day.

We finally got on the road again and continued to the village we planned to stay at. The village we were gonna camp out at the whole week was the equivalent to Hicksville USA except very primitive, without running water and hardly any electricity. There were even horses running around! And there was a community well! Needless to say, the girls on our team were pretty excited at the idea of hanging around waiting for our spouse just like Isaac and Rebekah's story in the bible. Of course it didn't work out like that but it never hurts to try, right? :)

The kids are just precious!

Our hosts' kitchen. We installed a smokeless stove so they won't have to breath in the smoke all the time.

The smokeless stove.

Our bathroom for the week. I have never been as thankful for flushing toilets or even just for a toilet seat as I was after this jungle trip!

And that is all the pictures my amazing internet will let me upload for the night so I'll sign off for now. Just wait, more pictures to come! :)

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