Thursday, February 24, 2011


Hey All,

As you know, I am planning to return to Chiapas this June and staying until Christmas at least, hopefully after. I have been working and saving money up for the past 6 months and working towards this goal. I never realized how expensive having a car and insurance is until I started saving towards something :) All part of growing up.

I enrolled for classes at my community college this past fall thinking that I was going to work towards a degree. But the Lord redirected me and I ended up not. I thought I had withdrawn from the classes but the college kept emailing me saying my tuition was due. So I got online and tried to log into my college account so I could withdraw my classes but it said I didn't have an account with the college. So I figured I must have withdrawn and just didn't remember. I received a few more emails about tuition and each time, I tried to log on to withdraw but it wouldn't let me. Finally, the day after classes started, it let me on and I withdrew from the college. A few days later I got a letter from the college saying I owe $1,200 because I didn't unenroll soon enough. Originally, I had applied for financial aid but had withdrawn from that because I wasn't going to college. So now, I owe $1,200 to the college for classes I didn't even attend. I am writing a letter explaining my situation to the college. Please pray that it will be straightened out so I won't have to pay the money. This would be a huge blow to my finances. I only have 3 months to save up money as it is and this would be really bad.

So this has all been on my mind lately. The other day, I was praying about it and came across the book God's Smuggler by Brother Andrew. An AMAZING book! I recommend it to anyone. I started reading it and was incredibly blessed by the testimony of God's faithfulness and provision. If He wants me in Mexico permanently, He is going to provide for me y punto. Even if I don't have a cent to my name, He WILL provide. Does this mean I will never ever fret about anything again? I wish but I probably will take my eyes off of Christ and look at the "waves" around me. He is faithful and will keep reminding me to keep my eyes on Him though.

All that to say, I am SO EXCITED to be going back to Chiapas!!!!!! IN 3 short months I will Lord willing be there with a totally new group of people. I can't wait!!!! Please keep me in your prayers as I continue to press on toward the goal of going to Mexico as a full time missionary. Blessings!

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