Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Big Question: WHY???

We've all asked it before at different times.When we were six it might have been "Mommy, why is the sky blue?" Or in our teen years, "But Dad, why can't I take the car out tonight?" For me the question Why has been more along the lines of "God, why is this happening right now?"

Things in life often don't make sense to me. Over the past year or so I've been struggling with the concept of prayer. Why should I pray when God obviously is going to do what He wants whether I ask Him or not. It's more that He COMMANDS us to pray. Jesus didn't say, "If you feel like praying, pray in this manner." He said "WHEN you pray...." That leads me to believe that it needs to be a daily thing. Whether I get what I want or not.

So then, is it wrong to ask God why? I honestly don't think it is. Jesus Himself asked Him when He was hanging on the cross "My God, my God WHY have You forsaken Me?" It's our attitude that determines whether it's wrong or not. I'll have to admit that often I don't have the right attitude when I ask why of the Lord. Too often it's an indignant "How could this dare happen to me or someone I love?" Oh God, that I would be able to accept whatever You have for me without question!

Oh that I could have the faith of a child. That's what the Lord delights in, our childlike faith.

Just a thought from a very confused girl who's striving to please her Savior. Blessings!!!

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  1. You are absolutely right that you should continue praying even when you don't feel like it. What God wants from you is a relationship, and your heart. You should feel free within this relationship to tell him your feelings. Dont put God in a box that we can understand because we will never understand him. If we could he would not be God. He can take what ever you throw at him and as many "why...?" questions as you have. Continue to ask him why and ask him for wisdom and he will answer those questions for you. I think you are an amazing young lady and I only wish I had these same thoughts when I was your age. You will don many wonderful things in his name.